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Work better

Do you work like this?
Exchange Excel files
Use emails as todo list
Send invoices and reminders manually
Work schedules on paper

That could be easier!

Employee portal

Your daily work from one application
Orders, contracts, customers, invoices
Schedules, logistics, properties
Stock keeping
Products, inventory, markets

Customer portal

Interaction with your customer
Request, supply, create
View, download, pay
Products / Services
View, order, subscriptions
News messages

Custom development

You know what you need best
Besides all standard examples, each company has its own charm
We listen to what you need and we'll find a solution together

Management reports

Insight in your company
Work hours, leave, travels, payslips
Data, analyse, target audience
Statistics, tables, graphs


Your portal will grow over time
You will only pay for the hours we invest on the parts you need directly
From experience we know a first setup will cost between €2.000 and €5.000

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